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BSPMAX™ II – Large Bone Power System

Modular Drill / Reamer, Sagittal / Oscillator Saw and Reciprocator / Sternum Saw

The BSPMAX II is our proprietary large bone high performance battery powered system used for cutting bone and bone related tissue, drilling, reaming, and insertion/extraction of wires and pins in most common large bone orthopaedic (Total Joint Reconstruction, ACL Reconstruction and Osteotomy) and cardiac/thoracic (Sternotomy) surgical procedures. The advanced design provides optimal torque and speed.

The system is comprised of:

  • Modular Drill/Reamer with attachments
    • Drill attachments (8)
    • Reamer attachments (6)
    • Wire and Pin Driver Attachments (2)
  • Sagittal/Oscillator Saw
  • Reciprocator/Sternum Saw with attachment
    • Sternum Saw Guard
  • Battery Packs (Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable batteries)
    • 9.6V Battery Pack
    • 12V Battery Pack
  • Four Station Modular Battery Charger with Charging Bays
  • Standard Battery Pack Charging Bay
  • Sterilization case

The BSPMAX II Large Bone Power System is supported by our value priced proprietary consumables.