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Brasseler USA Surgical Announces Distribution Agreement with Medichanical Engineering ApS

Sep 18, 2023

Savannah, GA, August 17, 2023 — Brasseler USA Surgical, a leader in the surgical and dental supply markets, announced today a strategic agreement with Medichanical Engineering ApS.  As part of this relationship, Brasseler USA Surgical serves as Medichanical’s exclusive distributor in North America for X-Pander™, an intra-operative acetabular preparation guide and sizing system.

X-Pander™ system takes the guesswork out of cup sizing in primary and revision hip procedures, helping surgeons obtain improved cup/acetabulum fit for total hip replacements. With the system’s ability to provide quick, accurate measurement of the acetabulum, and reveal the reamed acetabular geometry and patient-specific bone quality, surgeons can obtain optimal primary cup stability.

“We are confident that our relationship with Medichanical will provide our customers with an outstanding product, backed by Brasseler’s exceptional sales and customer service,” said Shawn Kroll, Vice President and General Manager of Orthopaedics for Brasseler USA Surgical.  “The X-Pander™ system joins Brasseler Surgical’s EZX System and VersaDriver as an excellent addition to our growing portfolio of orthopaedic cutting and revision tools.”

In revision surgery and complex primary cases, X-Pander™ is a reliable decision aid for experienced surgeons who can help determine acetabular bone quality and the level of primary implant stability it can support. In addition, X-pander™ is regarded as a great teaching tool for junior surgeons or residents to accelerate their learning curve of mastering cup insertion, and eliminating concerns of primary cup instability.  Used with any major label cup system, the X-Pander™ system is designed to increase intra-operative precision.  In one study involving 109 trial cases, 86% of the surgeons agreed the X-Pander system provides more useful information than traditional trial cups.*

The X-Pander™ system consists of a reusable stainless-steel handle and a disposable, single-use polymer measuring head, resembling a porous coated cup. By manually turning the handle, the measuring head can expand its diameter up to 3mm to mimic the press-fit of the definitive cup. It is available in 11 individual sizes with 2mm increments, covering the span from 46mm – 69mm in diameter.

* Dynamic trial fitting of the cup in press-fit total hip arthroplasty, a feasibility study; Acta Orthopaedica Belgica, Vol. 87(2), September 14, 2021, D. Hoornenborg et al. A structured feasibility survey of 45 surgeons from 7 European countries and 20 hospitals who used the X-Pander system instead of traditional trial cups in 78 primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) and 31 total hip revision (THR) procedures.  (Link to data: Clinical experience – Medichanical Engineering)

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