We offer an extensive range of high-quality surgical accessories, and our latest revision systems designed to enhance the accuracy and predictability of the hip revision procedure.

Brasseler USA Surgical designs and manufactures our orthopaedic cutting accessories in the USA to rigid specifications using high quality surgical grade materials. All products are subjected to extensive engineering analysis and held to strenuous inspection programs to ensure exceptional product performance and reliability. Products are available in sterile and non-sterile packaging options and are compatible with major OEM power systems.

Our Revision portfolio is tailored to aid in hip replacement procedures, aiming to shorten procedure time, minimize bone loss and simplify complex hip revision surgeries with the goal to improve patient recovery and mobility.

Telescoping Burs

Brasseler USA Surgical is pleased to introduce our line of Telescoping Burs. These high speed burs feature a telescoping shaft with up to five adjustable exposure levels and are manufactured with high-quality surgical-grade material.

K-Wire & Steinmann Pin Sterilization Trays from Brasseler USA Surgical

Sterilization Trays

Brasseler USA Surgical’s three types of sterilization trays are specifically designed to keep your twist drills, K-Wires and Steinmann Pins organized and handy during surgical procedures.

ECTR Blade Assembly by Brasseler Surgical

ERTC Blade Assembly

Brasseler USA Surgical is the exclusive distributor of the ECTR Blade assembly for use is the revolutionary single portal endoscopic carpal tunnel release procedure.

Twist Drills

We offer an extensive line of Standard Twist Drills and replacement Quick Connect Twist Drills. The Quick Connect twist drills are available in either a solid or cannulated cross-section. All twist drills are manufactured in the USA to very rigid specifications.


Our comprehensive line of K-Wire and Steinmann Pins are fabricated from precision ground 316L implant grade stainless steel (ASTM F 138) and are manufactured in the USA to very rigid specifications.

Saw Blades

We offer both proprietary and replacement Saw Blades for major OEM power systems. Our offering includes a wide variety of Large Bone Saw Blades, Small Bone Saw Blades and Rasps, and Sternum Saw Blades.


Brasseler USA Surgical’s replacement Orthopaedic Pin and Drill Packs are available in several different variations compatible with major OEM knee instrumentation systems. They can be used for a variety of techniques and procedures and are subjected to strenuous inspection programs to assure exceptional results.

Surgical Burs

Brasseler USA Surgical offers a wide variety of high speed and micro burs compatible with major OEM power systems.

Guide Wires

Brasseler USA Surgical offers two partially threaded guide wires used to properly align screws and nails in orthopedic trauma procedures and are designed to fit in OEM procedural trays.

EZX System

Exclusive to Brasseler USA® Surgical, the EZX System allows easy access for the removal of acetabular cups during hip revision surgery.



Versadriver is a pneumatic osteotome system used during hip and knee revision surgeries to remove cemented and non-cemented implants.

X-Pander, Optimizing Surgical Precision in Hip Orthroplasty


X-Pander a surgical precision tool for intraoperative dynamic measurement of the acetabular properties during hip revision surgery.