VersaDriver, Pneumatic Osteotome System

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VersaDriver, Pneumatic Osteotome System

For use in hip and knee revision surgery.

The Versadriver system allows for clean and fast cement removal for the most challenging hip and knee revision surgeries. The system is designed to provide the surgeon with the ability to cut bone, shape bone, separate implants from bone, separate implants from bone cement, remove bone cement and perform any other function that is typically performed by a manual osteotome.



  • Knee & hip applications
  • Cemented & non-cemented implants
  • Precise cutting control
  • Single or multi-strike cutting actions
  • Blade limited to 3mm stroke
  • Up to 3900 strikes/minute
  • Hand piece & six Osteotome blades

VersaDriver Product Offerings

Order Code Item Description
10-100 VersaDriver Pneumatic Osteotome System
10-001 VersaDriver Hand Piece
10-092 VersaDriver Case
10-093 VersaDriver Tray
10-095 Hose
10-069 Blade Extraction Slap Hammer
10-101 Flat Tip Blade 11mm x 50mm
10-102 Flat Tip Blade 15.5mm x 100mm
10-103 Round Tip Blade 11mm x 100mm
10-104 Round Tip Blade 15.5mm x 100mm
10-105 Flat Tip Blade 11mm x 100mm
10-106 Lateral Hip 18° Curved Tip Blade 11mm x 100mm
10-107 Medial Hip 18° Reverse Curved Tip Blade 11mm x 100mm
10-108 Offset Knee 20mm Round Tip Blade 5mm x 100mm
10-109 Gouge Curved Round Tip Blade 12mm Diam x 100mm
10-110 Gouge Curved Round Tip Blade 14mm Diam x 100mm
10-111 Cement Removal V Tip Blade 8mm x 100mm
10-112 Cement Removal Parallel V Tip Blade 15.5mm x 100mm
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