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For use in hip revision surgery.

X-Pander a surgical precision tool for intraoperative dynamic measurement of the acetabular properties, thereby providing the surgeon with tactile indication of:

  • Cup size for optimal stability
  • The reamed acetabular geometry
  • Acetabular bone quality
  • Adequate cup positioning

Implementing this measurement technique as a routine will guide the surgeon to achieve safe and efficacious cup fixation by optimizing rim fit, sizing and cup orientation. Based on clinical literature this is expected to result in better clinical outcomes and fewer early and late revisions

X-Pander Components

Product Code Item Description
XPMH46-1 46mm Measuring Head
XPMH48-1 48mm Measuring Head
XPMH50-1 50mm Measuring Head
XPMH52-1 52mm Measuring Head
XPMH54-1 54mm Measuring Head
XPMH56-1 56mm Measuring Head
XPMH58-1 58mm Measuring Head
XPMH60-1 60mm Measuring Head
XPMH62-1 62mm Measuring Head
XPMH64-1 64mm Measuring Head
XPMH66-1 66mm Measuring Head
XPHA1 Instrument Handle for all Head sizes
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