Cannulated Quick Connect Twist Drills

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Cannulated Quick Connect Twist Drills

Compatible with DePuy® Synthes® Quick Connect Coupling

Fabricated from autoclavable stainless steel. Features one piece construction.

Brasseler USA Surgical Instrumentation, your orthopedic solution provider, is proud to offer an extensive line of replacement Quick Connect Twist Drills. Available in a solid or cannulated cross section, our Quick Connect Twist Drills are compatible with DePuy® Synthes® Quick Connect Couplings. We are pleased to provide only the best quality products at an exceptional value.

  • Autoclavable Stainless Steel
  • Sterile & Non-Sterile Options
  • Significant Cost Savings
Product Offerings
Order Number Replaces (Non-Sterile)
Non-Sterile (1/pk) Non-Sterile Diameter (mm) Cannulation (mm) Total Length (mm) Effective Length Number of Flutes
KM166-310-65 310.65 3.2 1.7 170 139 3
KM166-310-65 Twist Drill
KM166-310-66 310.66 4.5 1.7 170 139 3
KM166-310-66 Twist Drill
KM166-310-67 310.67 2.7 1.4 160 130 3
KM166-310-67 Twist Drill
KM166-310-68 310.68 3.5 1.4 160 130 3
KM166-310-68 Twist Drill
KM166-310-221 310.221 2.0 1.2 150 50 3
KM166-310-221 Twist Drill

Note: Because of their hollow cross section, cannulated drill bits are more susceptible to breakage than solid drill bits of the same diameter. Use less axial force, avoid bending and advance the drill bit slowly to minimize the possibility of breakage.

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