Twist Drills

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Twist Drills

Fabricated from autoclavable stainless steel.

Brasseler USA Surgical is proud to offer an extensive line of Standard Twist Drills. Fabricated from stainless steel, all of our twist drills are manufactured in the USA to very rigid specifications and subjected to strenuous inspection programs to ensure predictable, positive results.

We are pleased to provide only the best quality products at an exceptional value.

Brasseler USA Twist Drills (Standard)

Brasseler USA
Fabricated from autoclavable stainless steel
Brasseler Part No. Length Diameter
(6 per pack)
(1 per pack)
in in
KM166-00-11 KM166-10-11 4 3/64
KM166-00-00 KM166-10-00 5 1/16
KM166-00-01 KM166-10-01 5 5/64
KM166-00-02 KM166-10-02 5 3/32
KM166-00-03 KM166-10-03 5 7/64
KM166-00-04 KM166-10-04 5 1/8
KM166-00-05 KM166-10-05 5 9/64
KM166-00-06 KM166-10-06 5 5/32
KM166-00-45 KM166-10-45 5 11/64
KM166-00-07 KM166-10-07 5 3/16
KM166-00-60 KM166-10-60 5 15/64
KM166-00-08 KM166-10-08 5 1/4

Steam Sterilization …. Type Minimum Temperature / Minimum Exposure Time / Minimum Dry Time

Pre-Vacuum (Wrapped) …. 270°F (132°C) / 4 minutes / 30 minutes
Gravity (Wrapped) …. 270°F (132°C) / 15 minutes / 30 minutes

  • All cycles require a minimum of 30 minutes dry time.
  • Observe AAMI and hospital guidelines for steam sterilization and the sterilizer manufacturer’s written instructions for cycle parameters and load configurations.
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