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BR2000™ – Proprietary Large Bone Saw Blade

Your “Go-To” Source for Large Bone Saw Blades

Manufactured to very rigid specifications using only the finest surgical grade stainless steel.

Brasseler USA® Surgical Instrumentation is pleased to introduce our new proprietary Large Bone Saw Blade line which is compatible with Stryker® Systems 7, 6, 5, 4, 2000 & EHD. Our comprehensive line of high-quality proprietary surgical saw blades are manufactured in the USA. As the manufacturer, we sell direct, which allows us to offer our products at a fair price and pass substantial savings on to our customers.

Our BR2000™ Large Bone Proprietary Saw Blades are compatible with the following hub styles of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs):

  1. Stryker® Systems: 7, 6, 5, 4, 2000 and EHD
  2. ConMed® Linvatec® Hall® Systems: Hall 50™, MPower®, PowerPro® and VersiPower® Plus
  3. DePuy® Synthes® Systems: Battery Power Line II, Air Power Line System, Compact Air Drive II and Trauma Recon; all compatible with AO Couplings
  4. Zimmer® Biomet® System: Universal; compatible with AO Coupling

Our products are designed and manufactured to very rigid specifications using only the finest surgical grade stainless steel and undergo extensive engineering analysis. They are then subjected to strenuous inspection programs to ensure outstanding performance outcomes.


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