High Speed Burs

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High Speed Burs

Brasseler USA Surgical is pleased to offer our surgical bur line in an assortment of various shapes and sizes to meet your surgical needs. Our surgical burs are designed for use in the following surgical applications: Neurosurgical, Orthopaedic, Oral/Maxillofacial and Plastic Reconstructive.

Our products are designed and manufactured to very rigid specifications using only the finest surgical grade stainless steel and undergo extensive engineering analysis. They are then subjected to strenuous inspection programs to ensure outstanding performance outcomes.

As the manufacturer, we sell direct, which allows us to offer our products at an average of 40-60% less verses the OEM.

Brasseler USA® High Speed Burs 3.16mm TPS™ Shank

Compatible with High Speed Drill Systems: Stryker® CORE & TPS™
Compatible with ConMed® Linvatec® UltraPower®; Medtronic® Midas Rex® Classic I & II
Brasseler Part No. OEM Part No. Description Head Diameter (mm) Head Length (mm)
KM-AM8U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-337
Medtronic® Midas Rex® AM-8
Stryker® 5130-107-30, 5230-107-30, 5430-107-30
Match Head 2.9 3.8
KM-M51U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-292
Medtronic® Midas Rex® M-51
Stryker® 5120-130-250
Metal Cutter (Diamond Wheel) 25.4 0.8
KM-M52U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-294
Medtronic® Midas Rex® M-52
Stryker® 5120-80-30, 5420-80-30
Metal Cutter (Carbide) 3.1 17.5
KM-U295 ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-295
Medtronic® Midas Rex® N/A
Stryker® 5120-15-140
Oval 4.0 8.0
KM5110-15-40 ConMed® Linvatec® N/A
Medtronic® Midas Rex® N/A
Stryker® 5110-15-40
Oval 4.0 9.5
KM-M340DU ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-264
Medtronic® Midas Rex® M-340D
Stryker® 5120-12-40
Round Diamond 4.0 4.0
KM-M330U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-226
Medtronic® Midas Rex® M-330
Stryker® 5120-10-30, 5220-10-30
Round Fluted 3.0 3.0
KM5120-10-230 ConMed® Linvatec® N/A
Medtronic® Midas Rex® N/A
Stryker® 5120-10-230, 5220-10-230
Round Fluted Extended Length 3.0 3.0
KM-M340U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-227
Medtronic® Midas Rex® M-340
Stryker® 5120-10-40, 5220-10-40
Round Fluted 4.0 4.0
KM5120-10-240 ConMed® Linvatec® N/A Medtronic® Midas Rex® N/A Stryker® 5120-10-240, 5220-10-240 Round Fluted Extended Length 4.0 4.0
KM-M35U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-228 Medtronic®Midas Rex® M-35 Stryker® 5120-10-50, 5220-10-50, 5420-10-50 Round Fluted 5.0 5.0
KM-M33U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-229 Medtronic® Midas Rex® M-33 Stryker® 5120-10-60, 5220-10-60 Round Fluted 6.0 6.0
KM-AM330U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-326 Medtronic® Midas Rex® AM-330 Stryker® 5130-10-30, 5230-10-30 Round Fluted 3.0 3.0
KM5130-10-240 ConMed® Linvatec® N/A Medtronic® Midas Rex® N/A Stryker® 5130-10-240, 5230-10-240 Round Fluted Extended Length 4.0 4.0
KM-AM35U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-328 Medtronic® Midas Rex® AM-35 Stryker® 5130-10-50, 5230-10-50, 5430-10-50 Round Fluted 5.0 5.0
KM5130-10-250 ConMed® Linvatec® N/A Medtronic® Midas Rex® N/A Stryker® 5130-10-250, 5230-10-250 Round Fluted Extended Length 5.0 5.0
KM-AM32U ConMed® Linvatec® 7021-331 Medtronic® Midas Rex® AM-32 Stryker® 5130-10-75, 5230-10-75 Round Fluted 7.6 7.6

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