K-Wire & Steinmann Pin Sterilization Trays

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K-Wire & Steinmann Pin Sterilization Trays

Fabricated from perforated stainless steel.

The Brasseler USA K-Wire & Steinmann Pin Sterilization Trays are crafted to keep your surgical accessories organized and handy for storage and sterilization. They are designed with a lift tab for easy access to all products inside and a bifold opening with a triple-stacked consumable holder.

K-Wire Tray Order No. BR-9705
K-Wires in 4, 6, & 9-inch (holds up to 90)

Steinmann Pin Tray Order No. BR-9706
Steinmann Pins in 9-inch (holds up to 42)


Brasseler USA
Fabricated from perforated stainless steel
Product Name Brasseler Part No.
K-Wire Tray BR-9705
Steinmann Pin Tray BR-9706
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